Faculties of Solace

    Opening May 4 : 5- 9 pm

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Faculties of Solace is a group exhibition, featuring new work by Chris Taylor, Mahlon Huston, and Shawn Murrey curated by Ian McMahon at the Belfry in Hornell, NY.

A “studio” can be quite disparate from artist to artist; it is an arena taking many shapes and forms. It becomes a place to corral ideas, to develop, to explore, to uncover, to turn over, and to create. Perhaps it is a specific location or just a state of mind, a mental platform that is climbed upon to ponder, question, and reexamine.

Although specific studio practice is quite varied for these three artists there is a paralleling quest, quandary and aptitude that occurs within their handling of material. The art of crafting, tooling, and working materials becomes not just a means to create, but also mental and physical retreat, a place in which doubt, pain, and pleasure can move out of the mind through the shoulders, arms, and hands eventually passing through the fingers into tool and material.

Faculties of Solace consists of three new works exhibited in the sanctuary of what was once a Methodist church. The building and its original functions came to light as an appropriate, and in turn influential, subject and setting for new sculptures inspired by the conversation surrounding the composition of making. Not unlike religion, the transformation of material by the hand becomes a ritual within which there is room for reflection. Faculties within craft become mechanisms for investigation. Making becomes a place of solace.



                          Chris Taylor                                                   Shawn Murrey                                             Mahlon Huston

Chris, Mahlon, and Shawn are currently living in Hornell, Alfred, and Arkport respectively and are all teaching at Alfred University.

                To view more works and find more information on each artist click on the name located below each image.

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