HOME: Ronda Wright-Phipps

HOME by Ronda Wright-Phipps

Opening May 9th 2015, 7 – 9pm

me in mirror

         Home is a place or way of organizing space, feelings and existence in our consciousness. We as individuals all have a relation to our natural and created environments. Home can mean scary, intimidating, unsafe, hateful, oppressive and a place to run from or be thrown out of for letting your guard down. Or a home can be a place of self-expression, a refuge from the outside world, it can be a vessel filled with memories, it can act as a cocoon that nurtures and place to let down your guard. It is a shelter from the weather and simply a safe place to sleep. The first necessary step for any move or change in our lives that we yearn for is total awareness of being who we are, how we are, where we are at this moment. I intend to offer this safe space of hope and community, as a facilitator of awareness, using art as the permeating psychic energy to move in a positive direction.

         Iron is an elemental existence to life, and as individual’s we all have or long for our natural and created environments we call home. Safe utilizes iron as the medium in us all as a catalyst for change towards equality.

 -Ronda Wright-Phipps, Founder of safe (social action for equality)

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