Alfred University Sculpture and Dimensional Studies MFA Candidates Present Final Work at The Belfry in Hornell, New York

The Belfry is pleased to present a group exhibition by Alfred University Sculpture and Dimensional Studies MFA candidates: Schuyler Dawson, Marina Fridman, Sydni Gause, Hillary Heckard, and Ashley Kerr. The opening reception for Within/Between will be held on April 28th from 6pm to 9pm and run by appointment until May 3rd.


The title Within Between refers to the artist’s individual practices as they relate thematically between one another, while exploring how they exist within a larger cultural and existential context. Themes the artists explore range from individual identity, cultural identities, gender, spirituality, time, scale, play and the sublime. The Belfry’s strong architectural identity and open space allows for an interplay with place and site-specific installation, an opportunity the participating artists have taken full advantage of.


The presenting artists encourage viewers to interact and physically engage with the immersive space and architectural sculptures. Viewer experiences will involve crawling, sitting, navigating, looking up, down, in and out; this is a full contact art experience. Those who come will be fully aware of their bodies in relationship to space. Their thoughts will be dissolved into a thick soupy emulsion and then sharpened and bent in the direction of introspective thought, ultimately coming out of the experience having reflected on their identities, ideas of self and place in the world.


For any questions regarding the show, artists, or their work please contact Sydni Gause at sydnigause@gmail.com. You may also view additional works on the artists’ websites listed below.


Schuyler Dawson: Schuyler Dawson

Marina Fridman: Marina Fridman

Sydni Gauss: sydnigause.com

Hillary Heckard: hillaryheckard.com

Ashley Kerr: ashleyakerr.com

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