Belfry Exhibition Space

The Belfry is an artist-run exhibition venue located within the sanctuary of what was once the Spencer Methodist church in Hornell, New York.  The Belfry provides opportunities for experimentation, inspiration, and education in contemporary art. Acting as a platform for innovative, experimental ideas and specifically sited projects, the Belfry seeks to present exhibitions, artist talks, and related public programs intended to expand community interest and encourage discourse and understanding of contemporary art. Exhibitions are organized to showcase a spectrum of emerging and established artists of national and international stature outside local reach.

The Belfry is currently in its middle stage of development.  With a year of remodeling under our belt, we are now in process of structuring the non-profit aspect of our project.  We are raising funds to support building facilities, public access, visiting artists, host short and long term exhibitions, site-specific projects, collaborations, performances, music, movie nights, and everything in between. The exhibition space, in its current raw state, has hosted activities as of March 2013.